SYP: The Cohort

‘The Cohort’ is a select group of young ladies looking to forge their path in Information Security/Cybersecurity. You’ll get small group virtual sessions with me, discussing theory and experimental learning, finding your niche, preparation for the workforce, navigation of the industry, etc. Special guests (professionals in the industry) will also appear to give you insight into their experiences.

I know you may have questions, so an FAQ section is provided below, for many of the questions that candidates have. If you have a question that is not answered below, feel free to shoot me an email. Serious inquiries, only.

If you are interested in applying for ‘The Cohort’, kindly complete the form.


How long is the engagement?

The engagement will be for 3 months. During the 3 month timeframe, we will have bi-weekly virtual sessions with assignments in between. This allows you enough time to complete assignments that are provided. This will equate to about 2 sessions per month and 6 sessions in total. Trust me, we’ll make the most of them!

Why did you start ‘The Cohort’?

When we take the elevator up, we must send it back down. I’m often asked to provide some sort of mentoring, officially or otherwise. Due to time being a finite resource, I can’t always oblige. However, I have a keen interest in assisting young women on this journey, as there are so few of us, in comparison to our male counterparts. I often see young ladies so unprepared for the workforce and if I can help fuel that rocket in preparation for lift-off, that would bring me much joy.

How long are the virtual sessions?

Sessions will be an hour long. Sessions will be scheduled from the beginning and I’ll do my best to adhere to it; and all I ask is that you do the same. Time is a resource that I value the most in life. Details will be provided in your on-boarding materials.

What do I need to join?

You need a hunger to learn and grow, be supportive and humble. The culture will be supportive - each one teach one and arrogance won’t be tolerated. Technically, you’ll need a computer, access to the Internet. punctuality and obviously don’t forget to apply.

Is there an age requirement?

There is technically no age requirement; however, this is a program that I’ve designed for young women looking to break into the industry - whether you are graduating from college and have an interest in InfoSec, recently entered the work force or you are a professional looking to transition into the industry.

Will there be “homework”?

Absolutely. You must do your part. Assignments will be given to help you discover your niche, to push your boundaries and help me help you. If you don’t have an understanding of where you’d like to grow and how…you will at the end of this engagement. Don’t worry, the “homework” won’t be overbearing, but it will be designed to push you outside of your comfort zone - because, who needs that?! “I excelled by staying in my comfort zone.” - said no one, ever.

How do I apply for ‘The Cohort’?

The application is here. Kindly adhere to all the instructions regarding the application process. Once you apply, please allow us time to review all applications and notify applicants, which should be done within a week after the application is closed. The application process is simple - you must complete the form and submit any materials requested. The application will be open until the end of May.

How will I know what to expect from each session?

A syllabus, if you will, will be provided during the on-boarding stage. Your on-boarding package will include all topics to be discussed, project assignments, session dates, agenda for each session, bios on special guests, etc.